Top 10 Most Outlandish NYC Penthouses

New York City is the home and playground of some of the richest of the rich. The financial capital of the world and one of the most populated cities in the western hemisphere, New York City offers a great place to work, live and play for those with money to spend. But when they aren’t doing any of that, these super rich need a place to call home, have a family dinner, and even get some good nights sleep. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most outlandish NYC penthouses and who has called them home.

Apartment 75CE Time Warner Center

If you ever called Miss Cleo hoping to have your fortune read, you had a bit to do with this penthouse condo. Steven Feder and Lou Trosclair, who are business partners that were the masterminds behind Miss Cleo’s call-in psychic service, own the $60-miillion penthouse located in the South Tower of the Time Warner Center.

Aside from its beautiful views of NYC, the inside of the penthouse offers a library and 14-foot ceilings throughout the unit. And if space is your thing, 75CE also offers sprawling glass windows that open up to let in the fresh air of the Big Apple.

25 East 77th Street

One of the largest interiors to make this list of lavish penthouses in New York City, this unit is over 9,000 square-feet and has 12 rooms and 8 baths. If this wasn’t enough space for you to sprawl out in, the living room alone offers a 26-foot ceiling. The penthouse is listed at $60,000-million and sits atop the Mark Hotel (, one of New Yorks most well known landmarks. To get to the top of the hotel, penthouse residents can access the private elevator; or if they choose to look out the skylight conservatory, they can simply walk up the custom staircase that is inside the unit.

Apartment 15B 15 Central Park West

Central Park penthouses will be seen throughout this content on the must luxurious homes in NYC, and for good reason. The properties offer some of the most tranquil and beautiful sights of the city that overlook one of the worlds most popular parks. Apartment 15B, which is listed above $30-million was once owned by Packard Bell Electronics founder, Beny Alagem.

The penthouse apartment boasts three-bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths. Its interior has a library, a family room and a breakfast room. Also, much of the apartment has natural hand-cut tiles throughout.

1 Central Park South

Just feet from one of, if not, the most popular parks in the world is what New Yorkers dub The Plaza. To visitors to the Big Apple, they are probably more familiar with it being called 1 Central Park South and being the location of many famous films included the Great Gatsby and Crocodile Dundee. The $55-million unit is part of the $570-million dollar building owned by India’s Sarah Group. It’s perfect not just for the super rich, but also for the super tall, with 11-foot ceilings, and over 5,000 square-feet in living space.

785 Fifth Avenue

Musical artist Denise Rich is the owner of the duplex penthouse that sits at 785 Fifth Avenue. Listed at $65-million, the penthouse is perfect for Rich, as it offers its own studio with keyboard, soundproof booth and everything else a recording artist would need. The 12,000-square-foot condo also offers seven bedrooms, 11 baths and terraces and roof decks that are perfect to get a view of the city when not recording music.

990 Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue is compiling a handful of listings on this list, and for good reason. The swanky street is far enough from pestering tourists, but still a short distance from some of the best treats that NYC has to offer. At 990 Fifth Avenue sits a 6,000 square-foot, five-bedroom and five-bath penthouse that was once owned by actor Peter Lawford. The unit also offers a 1,200 foot wraparound terrace that allows the homeowner to see nearly every angle of NYC.

The penthouse is listed at $42 million and is one of NYC’s most exclusive areas for the super rich.

50 Central Park South

The 33rd floor of 50 Central Park South rests atop the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and can only be accessed by those who live there.

This eight room, three-and-a-half bath is over 4,500 square feet and is filled with everything you can imagine that makes it lavish. That includes a library that was inspired by Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment. Valued at an honest $50-million, you can rest assured knowing that you wont be bothered by the neighbors. That is, unless casino and resort mogul, Steven Wynn, decides to have an all night party since he calls the unit next-door his own home.

Apartment 75A – Time Warner Center Condominiums

Apartment 75A is a well-known apartment near Central Park in the Time Warner Center condominium complex. This penthouse has three bedrooms and five baths. For the math enthusiasts reading this, at just under 4,000 square feet and a listing price of $50 million, that’s right, this penthouse is valued at over $2,500 per square foot. The only owner of 75A has been Anna Anisimova, the daughter of the Russian business proprietor, Vassily Anisimov. And don’t worry, if the $50 million price tag makes you cringe, you can rest easy knowing that the unit can be rented for $20,000 each night, while the owner visits their other multi-million dollar homes.

145 Hudson Street

If you love windows and feel closed in by walls, then you’ll be sure to love the unit at 145 Hudson Street. The duplex condo has over 7,000 feet in interior living space and over 4,000 feet for city viewing on the outside. All of this room makes up for eight bedrooms and four baths, atop an Art Deco building in the TriBeCa district in NYC. If the glass windows weren’t enough to whet your appetite, the penthouse also offers a glass staircase that helps you access both floors of this sprawling NYC apartment.

795 Fifth Avenue

It should be no surprise that the most expensive penthouse on this list is also on Fifth Avenue.

Home to some of the cities most lavish living quarters, the street boasts the most expensive penthouse at 795 Fifth Avenue. In 2013, the penthouse reportedly was listed for $125 million dollars, after the passing of former owner and financial analyst Martin Zweig. Along with five bedrooms and six baths, the apartment has 23-foot ceilings throughout the space that covers both the 41st, 42nd and 43rd floors. Not only is the home valued at nine-digits, but the monthly maintenance on the unit will be over $40,000 alone.

If you have money to spend, New York City will be happy to take your cash. This is especially true in the real estate market, as New York offers some of the most beautiful and expensive homes in the entire world. No matter what you are looking to buy, how much you are trying to set yourself apart from the next billionaire, or even how much you even visit the Big Apple, New York has something for everyone. If the 10 penthouses on this list weren’t enough for you, don’t worry; more and more are put under contract each day and the city continues to boom with the worlds super rich calling it home.

Penthouses For Sale In New York City

With their unassailable prestige and top-notch amenities, penthouses offer the pinnacle of luxury living in New York City. With the city’s luxury housing market still rattled from the housing bust, there’s never been a greater time to buy. Before investing in a penthouse, buyers should take into consideration a number of aspects about penthouse living and make an informed choice about what amenities, style, size and location are just right for them.

The Advantages of Buying a Penthouse in New York City

New York City penthouses offer a wealth of advantages for prospective buyers, not the least of which is their unmatched prestige and amenities. Amenities often include gourmet kitchens, balconies, full bathrooms, suites, doorman service, Wi-Fi access and much more. Each penthouse offers its own unique advantages and luxuries for buyers to indulge in, so make a point to research each penthouse extensively before making a choice. Penthouses in New York City also boast greater space compared to apartments and condos, offering more room for buyers to relax in and enjoy themselves. Many penthouses in New York City also offer spectacular views of the city’s iconic skyline, enhancing their prestige and overall quality.

Types of Penthouses in New York City

The city boasts a wide array of penthouse choices in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Penthouse suites are readily available in many of the city’s most prominent neighborhoods, offering roomy interiors and plenty of individual space and privacy. Duplex penthouses and even triplexes are available for great prices as well, offering unrivaled space as well as amenities such as balconies and outdoor terraces. Another popular option for New York City penthouses are renovated lofts, which blend the city’s historic industrial heritage with modern luxury living. Often found in trendy neighborhoods like Tribeca and SoHo, lofts offer extensive space, comfortable interiors and easy access to fine shops and restaurants. No matter what type of penthouse you ultimately choose, you’re sure to find nothing but unmatched luxury and incredible views all around.

Best Neighborhoods for New York City Penthouses

It goes without saying that New York City is filled with prestigious and upscale neighborhoods that offer plenty of great choices for penthouse living as well as amenities such as fine restaurants, posh boutiques, vibrant nightlife spots and world-class museums and cultural institutions. From the luxury high-rises of the Upper East Side to the bustling streets of SoHo, New York City offers no shortage of prestigious neighborhoods to live in.

Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is synonymous with luxury living and global prominence. Flanking Central Park and the elegant East River, the Upper East Side boasts stunning views all around as well as easy access to the city’s top recreation and leisure destinations. In addition to its prime location next to Central Park, the Upper East Side boasts a wealth of luxury shops, upscale restaurants and fine galleries along its stately streets. It is also the location of Museum Mile, the home of many of the city’s finest museums and cultural institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of the City of New York and many others. For prestige and luxury living at its finest, the Upper East Side is almost unmatched.

Upper West Side

High culture abounds in the posh Upper West Side, which lies in between Central Park and the Hudson River. Home to a plethora fine restaurants and trendy boutique stores, the Upper West Side also boasts sites of interest such as the American Museum of Natural History and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, two of the finest and most renowned cultural institutions in the world. With its blend of culture, livability and historic architecture, the Upper West Side is one of the city’s most coveted neighborhoods for penthouse buyers and a solid alternative to the more staid and old moneyed Upper East Side.


This trendy yet historic neighborhood is filled to the brim with high-end boutique stores, fine restaurants and prestigious art galleries. Boasting incredible views of the Hudson River and the Lower Manhattan skyline, its historic loft apartments and cobblestone streets give it the atmosphere of a quaint small town right in the middle of New York City. In addition to its wide array of fine shops and restaurants, Tribeca offers excellent transportation options as well as amenities like Hudson River Park and Washington Market Park.


New York City’s premier shopping destination, SoHo is renowned for its luxury loft apartments and upscale shops. Known for its gorgeous Cast-Iron architecture, SoHo offers luxury penthouse living in one of the city’s most beautiful and desirable neighborhoods. With its blend of luxury stores, beautiful buildings and historic flair, SoHo is among the most coveted neighborhoods for penthouse buyers.


One of New York City’s hottest neighborhoods, Chelsea is packed with trendy penthouses, fine art galleries and top-notch restaurants. Sporting beautiful views of the Hudson River and convenient access to both Midtown and the Financial District, Chelsea is situated in a prime location on Manhattan’s West Side. In addition to its incomparable views and trendy galleries, its is also home to the High Line, a linear, elevated park that boasts stunning views of the skyline and the Hudson River.

Financial District
Long associated with finance and business, the Financial District of Lower Manhattan is now home to many of the city’s finest penthouses. Amenities include the fine restaurants of Stone Street, the beautiful Battery Park and spectacular views of the harbor. With many of the city’s top firms and businesses within walking distance, penthouses in this neighborhood are among the city’s most convenient.

New York City Penthouses: Prime Location and Incomparable Prestige

No matter what neighborhood or type of penthouse prospective buyers choose, they can rest easy knowing that New York City offers unassailable prestige and a wealth of luxury choices. From the stately high-rises of the Upper East Side to the trendy loft penthouses of SoHo, New York City’s penthouse market is unmatched.

Penthouses for Sale in Los Angeles

Living in a penthouse in Los Angeles is a dream for many people. Not only will you experience the prestige and social status associated with your choice of dwelling, but you will also have the benefit of an amazing view of one of the most glorious cities on earth. Los Angeles is filled with the movers and shakers of both the entertainment industry and several other big businesses. Selecting a penthouse within the right neighborhoods will immediately grant you entrance into the stunning life of the Hollywood elite.

What Advantages Come with a Penthouse?

In addition to the social benefits of living in a penthouse, you will also have the advantage of several prime amenities. Although each penthouse is different, it is common for them to feature a larger than average living space, tall ceilings, highly desirable skyline views, outside terraces, large windows, luxury kitchens and sometimes even multiple floors and a private elevator.

Living in Los Angeles comes with the distinct advantage of immersing you within a vibrant culture, but the level of noise in the city can sometimes be disconcerting. People who are concerned with crime may also feel less secure living on a lower level. A penthouse allows you to get above everything, thereby diminishing the less welcome aspects of the city.

What Types of Penthouses are there?

Duplex – A duplex penthouse has two floors.

Triplex – A triplex penthouse has three floors.

Pool – A penthouse with a swimming pool in Los Angeles is considered to be very prestigious. The pool will be located outside, typically on the roof, and will be accessed from the outside terrace.

Outdoor Space-Centric – Those who enjoy the idea of having a lot of outside space should look for the outdoor space-centric style of penthouse. The most luxurious aspect of the penthouse might be the outside area, but in an area like Los Angeles where the weather is almost always perfect, this is a perfect place to utilize some of your overall space.

Renovated Loft Space – Although a loft is also located at the top of a building, it does not come with the distinctive features of a penthouse. Some older buildings have been completely renovated, however, to turn old lofts into modern penthouses.

Which Location Should I Choose?

The most expensive penthouses in the Los Angeles area can be found in Beverly Hills, Westwood and Century City. One of the largest penthouse price tags in the city’s history was placed on a duplex penthouse in The Century building in Century City. For $47 million, the buyer received a duplex that included a master bedroom that is a staggering 4,000 square feet, along with a massage room, an exercise room, a swimming pool, two fireplaces and a conservatory.

If $47 million is a bit out of your price range, you might want to consider investing in one of the penthouses in the heart of the downtown area. Although the city below you might be considered by some to be grittier than areas such as Westwood, you will be able to find a luxury penthouses ranging from $1 million to $5 million. The downtown penthouses are as unique as the city that they call home, so you will want to look at your options before you make a decision. Space is usually not an issue, as even the most basic penthouses will likely be at least 2,500 square feet.

Some of the more interesting amenities that various downtown penthouses have featured include outside areas with a 360-degree view, private elevators, picture windows, built-in wine chillers, underground parking and hardwood floors.

The decision about where to look for a penthouse will most likely be based on both money and location. Being in the downtown area is a great idea for businessmen who have a nearby office. Los Angeles is well-known for its traffic issues, so if you are able to locate a suitable penthouse that is only a few blocks from your work, then you can take the stress off of your daily commute while also becoming more eco-friendly. Those with enough money who wish to truly experience the opulence of the Los Angeles area, however, will be better off looking for a penthouse near Rodeo Drive or Sunset Strip.

If you are hoping to turn your penthouse into a hot spot for entertaining, then it becomes even more important to pick the right location. A penthouse in Beverly Hills will enjoy a view of pure decadence while also showing off your wealth. There is no reason that you cannot spin a downtown penthouse in your favor, however. Buying a penthouse in the downtown area allows you to contribute to the city’s economic regrowth, and it also lets you partake of the best aspects of city life while avoiding the worst. You can regale your party guests with stories about living in the city while inviting them to step outside onto your terrace for a closer look.

Make Your Penthouse Unique

Most people choose to buy a penthouse because of the views, amenities, privacy and social status that come along with their choice. Even though each penthouse in the Los Angeles area has its own unique touches, you should take steps to ensure that your new home will leave a distinct impression on your guests. Artwork is a good place to start, as are some basic renovations if the penthouse’s styling is not up to your exact standards. Keep in mind that the Los Angeles area has several different penthouses to choose from, ranging from $1 million all the way to $47 million. By taking the time to really look into your options, you will be able to find the perfect penthouse for your lifestyle.

Penthouses For Sale In Chicago

Living in a spacious penthouse in a high-end community in Chicago is simply a dream come true.

Penthouses are located in low- to high-rise buildings where luxury amenities are available for residents. Fitness centers, restaurants, grocery stores, dry cleaners, indoor pools, party rooms, private theaters, wine cellars and cleaning services are just a few of the exclusive amenities offered to penthouse residents. The advantage of penthouse living is having everything that you need conveniently located in one building.

Chicago penthouses for sale are found in skyscrapers downtown, where there is continuous activity, and found in low-rise buildings that are nestled in quaint neighborhoods.

What makes penthouse living in Chicago unique is the stunning view of the city and beyond. Living at higher elevations, particularly in the downtown area, allows penthouse residents to have a panoramic view of one of the top cities in the United States.

Penthouse features

A spacious Chicago penthouse provides more opportunities for creative designing and decorating than a traditional apartment or condominium. This is basically because the additional space of a penthouse condo affords such features as:

•Large living room and dining room combinations
•Dens, Libraries, office space, recreation rooms and media centers
•Designer bathrooms with marble tubs, whirlpool baths and spas, or a waterfall body spa
•High-tech, gourmet kitchens
•Master bedroom suites with custom closets
•Sun rooms and rooftop solariums
•Spiral staircases
•Hardwood floors
•Custom-designed lighting plans
•Floor to ceiling windows
•Multiple balconies, private rooftop decks and private garden terraces
•A party room or ballroom
•Private elevator entry
•Private car garages
•Doorman and security

Some penthouses are already equipped with stainless steel appliances, such as double ovens, refrigerators and microwaves. Laundry hook-ups for washers and dryers are also available. Some buildings allow residents to have cats and dogs.

Penthouse Layouts
Penthouses are available in full floor, duplex or triplex layouts. Full floor penthouses vary in square footage and those located downtown can offer 360-degree views of the city.

The layout of a duplex penthouse, which is a condo that has two floors, usually has the bedrooms with their own bathrooms on the second level, and the living and dining rooms, kitchen and other unique rooms on the first level. Duplex condos typically have two bedrooms and three bathrooms and can start in size from 1,500 square feet and increase from there. In some cases, more modern penthouse condo duplexes also have a loft.

A triplex condo, a unit with three floors, can have three or more bedrooms and as many bathrooms. The living spaces are usually on the lower levels while the third floor, which more than likely has outdoor space, could be used for entertainment purposes. The square footage of a triplex condo can range anywhere from from 2,000 to 8,000 square feet, depending on the design.

Some potential buyers choose to purchase renovated lofts because of the large, open space, very high ceilings and modern designs.

Chicago neighborhoods with penthouses

While there are many areas with penthouses that provide spectacular views of the city, among the most prestigious are the Gold Coast, The Chicago Loop and Streeterville.

Gold Coast

Within the Near North Side is the Gold Coast area where many premium condominium penthouses are located. Penthouse residents have fantastic views of Lake Michigan, easy access to Oak Street beach, and to The Loop, Chicago’s central business district. Penthouse residents also have access to exclusive high-end entertainment venues and may see celebrities in the process of enjoying the nightlife in the area. The Magnificent Mile, a popular Chicago attraction that draw thousands of visitors to its shops, dining and other businesses, is also located on the Near North Side.

The Chicago Loop

The Chicago Loop, more commonly known as The Loop, is an urban dweller’s dream. Not only does it have high-rise penthouse living, it is also the heart of Chicago’s business district and the seat of city and county government. Historic skyscrapers, some of which are among the tallest in the world, are located in The Loop area.
The famous Chicago Art Institute, the Chicago Cultural Center, nearby theaters are must-see attractions for tourists. Also located in The Loop are shops and well-known dining spots that are too numerous to mention.
Penthouse residents have sensational views of Lake Michigan, Millennium Park and access to the recreational lakefront area where joggers, bikers and walkers exercise daily.


The Streeterville neighborhood, between Michigan Avenue and Lake Michigan, has many of the newest commercial buildings and residential high-rise luxury buildings. The area has plenty to offer residents and visitors in the form of entertainment, movie theaters and hotels. The Museum of Contemporary Art is a cultural draw for many. Northwestern University’s Medical Center is also situated in the area.

By design, a Chicago penthouse offers its owners a unique and distinct lifestyle. The spaciousness, the spectacular views of the city and living near the best that the city has to offer places penthouse owners in an enviable position.

Penthouse living is worth considering because of the affluent privileges it offers, the peace of mind it gives of living in a secure environment and the enjoyment it brings to residents’ lives.

Penthouses for Sale in Miami

When it comes to urban living, there is perhaps no word more prestigious than “penthouse.” The term has long been associated with top-floor residential accommodations in major urban centers, where urban dwellers can enjoy breathtaking views of the city’s skyline and enjoy creature comforts that cannot be matched even on the lower floors of the same building. In Miami, penthouse culture is alive and well with some of the most luxurious, well-furnished, and desirable addresses of any major North American city.

Miami has long been known as a city full of America’s entertainment and financial elite, and this is especially true as the city specifically focuses on growing its financial sector within the Brickell neighborhood of the city. That focus on high wage earners and exclusive industries has led to the development of super-luxurious penthouses in the city that offer sweeping views, excellent materials throughout the construction, and ample space for relaxing, raising a family, or just enjoying life far above street level.

Penthouses are known for sparing no expense when it comes to interior finishings, and that’s certainly true of Miami’s many offerings. From bamboo and hardwood floors in the living area, to granite kitchen countertops and marble bathroom tile, penthouses are designed to stand the test of both time and wear. These durable and stunning materials are complimented by amenities like whirlpool bathtubs, indoor pools, and outdoor terraces – perfect for entertaining guests and throwing dinner parties high above the chaos of South Florida life.

And while their interior spaces are relatively uniform, in that they’re all furnished with only the best materials and the most upscale furnishings, the actual layouts and types of penthouses are as diverse as the Miami population itself. The city plays host to duplex and triplex penthouses spanning the top two or three floors of its residential buildings; in older districts throughout the city, buyers will find converted loft and warehouse penthouses that offer higher ceilings, a grittier look, large windows, and equally stunning views. And still other penthouses exist to bring a bit of natural paradise to the urban oasis, focusing on outdoor spaces that include outdoor pools and spas, rooftop gardens and terraces, and extensive outdoor dining and entertaining space — all backed by floor-to-ceiling windows that set nature up against the thrilling Miami skyline.

Penthouses in Miami: Where Do High-Rollers Find a Great Place to Live?

Miami ranks as the 7th-largest metropolitan area, and the fifth-largest urban area, in the United States. That means there are plenty of places to find well-furnished apartments and penthouses throughout the city. That being said, however, a few neighborhoods and districts stand out as the most ideal places to secure a well-furnished penthouse with stunning views of the expansive skyline of the city.

One of the best neighborhoods to consider when looking for penthouse accommodations in Miami is the popular South Beach neighborhood. While the neighborhood’s name and culture has been well-publicized in television shows and in a number of movies, it’s more than just a Hollywood caricature. The South Beach neighborhood offers some of the most sweeping views of the Miami skyline available from anywhere within the Miami metropolitan area. Its distance from the central urban core of the city isn’t that big, but it’s big enough to place the buildings at a comfortable distance, offering excellent scenery both night and day.

Its distance from Miami’s city center should not be confused as an inconvenience, especially by outsiders who are not familiar with the lay of the land in South Florida. The SoBe neighborhood, as it is sometimes called, is home to a large collection of bars, nightclubs, retail establishments and world renowned restaurants that can give anything in Miami proper a run for its money. And the population of South Beach is appropriately and excitingly diverse, enjoying a large population of the rich and famous, as well as models, Cuban-American immigrants, and a thriving LGBT population. When it comes to entertainment, beauty, and diversity, there is simply nowhere in Florida that can compare to South Beach — especially when a penthouse is involved.

Of course, the South Beach neighborhood is not the only great place to go shopping for a luxury penthouse in the greater Miami area. One of the next best neighborhoods to consider is the densely urbanized Brickell section of the city. Unlike South Beach, which lies due east of the city center, the Brickell district is actually located in Miami proper. That means it’s much closer to city amenities like transportation and jobs, as well as downtown entertainment and sporting events. The neighborhood lies just south of what is considered central Miami, and is known as the emerging financial district of the city. Its position just south of the city allows it to have an up-close skyline view that is unlike anything found in South Beach to the east.

The Brickell neighborhood offers stunning views in virtually every direction, in terms of its penthouses, but the real penthouse jewels of the neighborhood lie in its north-facing views. Penthouses with windows that face north-northeast will be treated to a close-up view of the Miami skyline, with background elements that include the Miami River, Biscayne Bay, and even the Atlantic Ocean on the clearest sunny days. For those in the financial sector, or those who simply want to be as close to the center of the action as possible, there is no more luxurious or scenic neighborhood than the city’s Brickell section.

If Luxury is Required, a Penthouse is the Best Way to Get It

There is simply no form of urban living like the penthouse. With industry-leading materials and the type of top-floor views that would make anyone jealous, these pinnacles of the urban experience continue to be the most in-demand, and most expensive, forms of urban dwelling available throughout Miami and North America at large.

Penthouses For Sale In Boston

Opting to buy a penthouse for sale in Boston is a big decision. Buyers should consider many things to ensure that they get the most out of living in this beautiful city.

There are many penthouses for sale in Boston. Each unit allows owners to take advantage of the city’s breathtaking views. They can get access to their favorite restaurants, shops and even their workplace. Boston penthouses are built to provide comfortable living.

Boston penthouses are quite different from typical apartments as they provide all the amenities that a home can offer. These penthouses for sale can be found in many locations around the city.

Features of Penthouses for Sale in Boston

Boston penthouses for sale share typical features found in penthouses in cities across the country.

• Boston penthouses are located at the top of condominium buildings.
• They are significantly larger and wider than any other units in the building.
• Luxury Boston penthouses may have outdoor spaces that are suitable for a rooftop garden. They may also feature large balconies and setback terraces. Additionally, these units can accommodate large dinner parties.
• Boston penthouses come with different layouts. They can have two-floor, duplex, three-floor and even full-floor layouts. They are always located on the top floor.
• There are also penthouses for sale in Boston that have unique features such as private hot tubs or pools, elevator access, full floor units, gas or wood-burning fireplaces and gourmet kitchens.

Reasons to Purchase a Penthouse in Boston

• Boston offers a lot of amazing views that are best viewed from the top. Living on the top floor allows owners to enjoy the stunning cityscape that shows off the Zakim Bridge along with the State House.

• The east side features views of Logan Airport and the picturesque sunrise. Some units can be a great spot to watch Boston’s First Night fireworks display.

• Boston penthouses offer a new way of urban living. Owners can walk to their offices and avoid the traffic. Boston is known as a pedestrian-friendly city.

•  Penthouse owners can also enjoy easy access to different entertainment and lifestyle activities. They can get to the city’s shopping centers and attractions via the MBTA.

• Boston penthouses are great investments as they are in-demand in the real estate market.

Boston Penthouse Neighborhoods

• Allston-Brighton

Allston-Brighton is among the liveliest Boston penthouse neighborhoods. Penthouse buyers are often attracted to the active nightlife and the plethora of shops and other entertainment facilities. This Boston neighborhood is considered to be an urbanized suburb.

• Back Bay

Back Bay is an upscale neighborhood in Boston. Penthouses in this area are surrounded by numerous dining, shopping and nightlife destinations. This neighborhood offers the most desirable penthouses and condos. Luxury penthouses in the area feature huge master baths and a direct view of the Christian Science Reflective Pool and Complex.

• Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is hailed as one of the most desirable and expensive neighborhoods in Boston. Penthouses in this area offer scenic views and easy access to Boston Public Park, Charles River Esplanade and the Massachusetts State House. There are also a lot of educational and entertainment facilities surrounding the neighborhood. Some unique features that come with penthouses available in this area include enormous walk-in closets, hardwood flooring and gourmet kitchens with granite countertops.

• Brookline

Brookline offers a balanced combination of urban and suburban living. Penthouses in this area are surrounded by large estates, apartment buildings and recreational parks. Owners can enjoy easy access to major retail centers like the Brookline Village, Coolidge Corner, Washington Square, Chestnut Hill and Cleveland Circle. Penthouses for sale in Brookline are surrounded by universities and medical facilities.

• Cambridge

Cambridge penthouses offer a combination of historic and modern living. There is a large number of pubs, shops and bookstores in the area. The neighborhood shows off some historical spots, but it has also become a quiet high-tech hub. Penthouse owners can enjoy modern living along the historic streets.

• Charlestown

Charlestown penthouses are a common choice for young professionals in Boston. This is because of their unique style and proximity to downtown. They enjoy interesting sites like the USS Constitution and Warrant Tavern. Many penthouses in this area offer scenic views from the top and exquisite waterfront living in the heart of the Navy Yard.

• Fenway-Kenmore

The Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood was originally comprised of five to six-story apartment buildings. Nowadays, there are new towering apartment buildings with penthouses for sale. Fenway Park is located in this area. People enjoy the nightlife and attractions like parks, museums and theaters. Fenway-Kenmore penthouses feature units with bamboo flooring and granite counters. Some units also have appliances included.

• North End

North End is one of the oldest residential areas in Boston. There are many historic landmarks surrounding the area. Many people go there for the exciting blend of culture and cuisine in this community. North End penthouses offer a picture-perfect view of Boston Harbor and the Zakim Bridge. They usually have large windows and sweeping views.

• South End

South End is at the southern part of Back Bay. This neighborhood is comprised of red-brick row houses. However, there are new buildings and condos in the area now. South End penthouses mostly feature contemporary floor plans and interiors. Some penthouses feature rooftop lounges.

• West End

The West End neighborhood is just behind Beacon Hill. This area is home to the Boston Celtics and Bruins. People in this community enjoy the vibrant lifestyle. Some West End penthouses offer unique designs and interiors with decorative gas or wood fireplaces. There are also units with terraces. What is great about these penthouses is that occupants can enjoy the natural light in most rooms. Additionally, they enjoy the shopping centers and restaurants nearby.