Penthouses for Sale in Los Angeles

Living in a penthouse in Los Angeles is a dream for many people. Not only will you experience the prestige and social status associated with your choice of dwelling, but you will also have the benefit of an amazing view of one of the most glorious cities on earth. Los Angeles is filled with the movers and shakers of both the entertainment industry and several other big businesses. Selecting a penthouse within the right neighborhoods will immediately grant you entrance into the stunning life of the Hollywood elite.

What Advantages Come with a Penthouse?

In addition to the social benefits of living in a penthouse, you will also have the advantage of several prime amenities. Although each penthouse is different, it is common for them to feature a larger than average living space, tall ceilings, highly desirable skyline views, outside terraces, large windows, luxury kitchens and sometimes even multiple floors and a private elevator.

Living in Los Angeles comes with the distinct advantage of immersing you within a vibrant culture, but the level of noise in the city can sometimes be disconcerting. People who are concerned with crime may also feel less secure living on a lower level. A penthouse allows you to get above everything, thereby diminishing the less welcome aspects of the city.

What Types of Penthouses are there?

Duplex – A duplex penthouse has two floors.

Triplex – A triplex penthouse has three floors.

Pool – A penthouse with a swimming pool in Los Angeles is considered to be very prestigious. The pool will be located outside, typically on the roof, and will be accessed from the outside terrace.

Outdoor Space-Centric – Those who enjoy the idea of having a lot of outside space should look for the outdoor space-centric style of penthouse. The most luxurious aspect of the penthouse might be the outside area, but in an area like Los Angeles where the weather is almost always perfect, this is a perfect place to utilize some of your overall space.

Renovated Loft Space – Although a loft is also located at the top of a building, it does not come with the distinctive features of a penthouse. Some older buildings have been completely renovated, however, to turn old lofts into modern penthouses.

Which Location Should I Choose?

The most expensive penthouses in the Los Angeles area can be found in Beverly Hills, Westwood and Century City. One of the largest penthouse price tags in the city’s history was placed on a duplex penthouse in The Century building in Century City. For $47 million, the buyer received a duplex that included a master bedroom that is a staggering 4,000 square feet, along with a massage room, an exercise room, a swimming pool, two fireplaces and a conservatory.

If $47 million is a bit out of your price range, you might want to consider investing in one of the penthouses in the heart of the downtown area. Although the city below you might be considered by some to be grittier than areas such as Westwood, you will be able to find a luxury penthouses ranging from $1 million to $5 million. The downtown penthouses are as unique as the city that they call home, so you will want to look at your options before you make a decision. Space is usually not an issue, as even the most basic penthouses will likely be at least 2,500 square feet.

Some of the more interesting amenities that various downtown penthouses have featured include outside areas with a 360-degree view, private elevators, picture windows, built-in wine chillers, underground parking and hardwood floors.

The decision about where to look for a penthouse will most likely be based on both money and location. Being in the downtown area is a great idea for businessmen who have a nearby office. Los Angeles is well-known for its traffic issues, so if you are able to locate a suitable penthouse that is only a few blocks from your work, then you can take the stress off of your daily commute while also becoming more eco-friendly. Those with enough money who wish to truly experience the opulence of the Los Angeles area, however, will be better off looking for a penthouse near Rodeo Drive or Sunset Strip.

If you are hoping to turn your penthouse into a hot spot for entertaining, then it becomes even more important to pick the right location. A penthouse in Beverly Hills will enjoy a view of pure decadence while also showing off your wealth. There is no reason that you cannot spin a downtown penthouse in your favor, however. Buying a penthouse in the downtown area allows you to contribute to the city’s economic regrowth, and it also lets you partake of the best aspects of city life while avoiding the worst. You can regale your party guests with stories about living in the city while inviting them to step outside onto your terrace for a closer look.

Make Your Penthouse Unique

Most people choose to buy a penthouse because of the views, amenities, privacy and social status that come along with their choice. Even though each penthouse in the Los Angeles area has its own unique touches, you should take steps to ensure that your new home will leave a distinct impression on your guests. Artwork is a good place to start, as are some basic renovations if the penthouse’s styling is not up to your exact standards. Keep in mind that the Los Angeles area has several different penthouses to choose from, ranging from $1 million all the way to $47 million. By taking the time to really look into your options, you will be able to find the perfect penthouse for your lifestyle.

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