Penthouses For Sale In New York City

With their unassailable prestige and top-notch amenities, penthouses offer the pinnacle of luxury living in New York City. With the city’s luxury housing market still rattled from the housing bust, there’s never been a greater time to buy. Before investing in a penthouse, buyers should take into consideration a number of aspects about penthouse living and make an informed choice about what amenities, style, size and location are just right for them.

The Advantages of Buying a Penthouse in New York City

New York City penthouses offer a wealth of advantages for prospective buyers, not the least of which is their unmatched prestige and amenities. Amenities often include gourmet kitchens, balconies, full bathrooms, suites, doorman service, Wi-Fi access and much more. Each penthouse offers its own unique advantages and luxuries for buyers to indulge in, so make a point to research each penthouse extensively before making a choice. Penthouses in New York City also boast greater space compared to apartments and condos, offering more room for buyers to relax in and enjoy themselves. Many penthouses in New York City also offer spectacular views of the city’s iconic skyline, enhancing their prestige and overall quality.

Types of Penthouses in New York City

The city boasts a wide array of penthouse choices in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Penthouse suites are readily available in many of the city’s most prominent neighborhoods, offering roomy interiors and plenty of individual space and privacy. Duplex penthouses and even triplexes are available for great prices as well, offering unrivaled space as well as amenities such as balconies and outdoor terraces. Another popular option for New York City penthouses are renovated lofts, which blend the city’s historic industrial heritage with modern luxury living. Often found in trendy neighborhoods like Tribeca and SoHo, lofts offer extensive space, comfortable interiors and easy access to fine shops and restaurants. No matter what type of penthouse you ultimately choose, you’re sure to find nothing but unmatched luxury and incredible views all around.

Best Neighborhoods for New York City Penthouses

It goes without saying that New York City is filled with prestigious and upscale neighborhoods that offer plenty of great choices for penthouse living as well as amenities such as fine restaurants, posh boutiques, vibrant nightlife spots and world-class museums and cultural institutions. From the luxury high-rises of the Upper East Side to the bustling streets of SoHo, New York City offers no shortage of prestigious neighborhoods to live in.

Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is synonymous with luxury living and global prominence. Flanking Central Park and the elegant East River, the Upper East Side boasts stunning views all around as well as easy access to the city’s top recreation and leisure destinations. In addition to its prime location next to Central Park, the Upper East Side boasts a wealth of luxury shops, upscale restaurants and fine galleries along its stately streets. It is also the location of Museum Mile, the home of many of the city’s finest museums and cultural institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of the City of New York and many others. For prestige and luxury living at its finest, the Upper East Side is almost unmatched.

Upper West Side

High culture abounds in the posh Upper West Side, which lies in between Central Park and the Hudson River. Home to a plethora fine restaurants and trendy boutique stores, the Upper West Side also boasts sites of interest such as the American Museum of Natural History and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, two of the finest and most renowned cultural institutions in the world. With its blend of culture, livability and historic architecture, the Upper West Side is one of the city’s most coveted neighborhoods for penthouse buyers and a solid alternative to the more staid and old moneyed Upper East Side.


This trendy yet historic neighborhood is filled to the brim with high-end boutique stores, fine restaurants and prestigious art galleries. Boasting incredible views of the Hudson River and the Lower Manhattan skyline, its historic loft apartments and cobblestone streets give it the atmosphere of a quaint small town right in the middle of New York City. In addition to its wide array of fine shops and restaurants, Tribeca offers excellent transportation options as well as amenities like Hudson River Park and Washington Market Park.


New York City’s premier shopping destination, SoHo is renowned for its luxury loft apartments and upscale shops. Known for its gorgeous Cast-Iron architecture, SoHo offers luxury penthouse living in one of the city’s most beautiful and desirable neighborhoods. With its blend of luxury stores, beautiful buildings and historic flair, SoHo is among the most coveted neighborhoods for penthouse buyers.


One of New York City’s hottest neighborhoods, Chelsea is packed with trendy penthouses, fine art galleries and top-notch restaurants. Sporting beautiful views of the Hudson River and convenient access to both Midtown and the Financial District, Chelsea is situated in a prime location on Manhattan’s West Side. In addition to its incomparable views and trendy galleries, its is also home to the High Line, a linear, elevated park that boasts stunning views of the skyline and the Hudson River.

Financial District
Long associated with finance and business, the Financial District of Lower Manhattan is now home to many of the city’s finest penthouses. Amenities include the fine restaurants of Stone Street, the beautiful Battery Park and spectacular views of the harbor. With many of the city’s top firms and businesses within walking distance, penthouses in this neighborhood are among the city’s most convenient.

New York City Penthouses: Prime Location and Incomparable Prestige

No matter what neighborhood or type of penthouse prospective buyers choose, they can rest easy knowing that New York City offers unassailable prestige and a wealth of luxury choices. From the stately high-rises of the Upper East Side to the trendy loft penthouses of SoHo, New York City’s penthouse market is unmatched.

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